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Word: Accaari

Found 1 definitions.
  • Digitaria exilis, fonio millet, ديجيتاريا منفية


    Digitaria exilis, referred to as findi in areas of Africa, such as The Gambia,[a][3] with English common names white fonio, fonio millet, and hungry rice or acha rice,[4] is a grass species. It is the most important of a diverse group of wild and domesticated Digitaria species known as fonio that are harvested in the savannas of West Africa. The grains are very small. It has potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable use of the land. Despite its valuable characteristics and widespread cultivation, fonio has generally received limited attention research and development, which is also why the species is sometimes referred to as an underutilized crop.[5]
    • Dialect Fulfulde Jalingo
    • Source of Information Native
    • Class Noun