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  • Leave off,Leave , let, Allow, exclude,
    Accaad'um : Estate, possesions,

    أَبَاح ؛ أتَاح لِ ؛ أجَاز ؛ أَجَّرَ ؛ أَذِن ؛ تَرَك ؛ تَرَكَه ؛ سَمَح ؛ سَمَحَ لِـ ؛ سَمَح لَه

    Accunge : A cow that is past having calves.
    Accana : Leave something for someone.
    Accina: make to leave in a certain manner.
    Accira : leave behind in a certain manner.
    Accita :leave off; relinquish,إبْتَعَد ؛ أحْجَم عن ؛ إعْتَزَل ؛ أعْرَض عن ؛ أقْلَع عن ؛ إنْثَنَى عن ؛ إنْحَرَف عن ؛ إنْصَرَف عن

    Accida: leave with.

    Accindira: Compromise,truce
    Accindirki: Truce, compromise.تَسْوِيَة

    Accu Jalugo
    Stop laughing.
    • Dialect fulfulde Jalingo
    • Source of Information Native
    • Class Verb